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401 athletic recovery-web

SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Compression Socks

Part Number:  401C                                  Price: $39.95

SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Socks help athletes recover faster after a workout.  Whether you're coming off the field, leaving the gym, or have just completed a marathon, SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Socks help relieve muscle soreness with a patented Dri-release material that keeps your feet dry and an embedded Freshguard that virtually eliminates odors.  Available in white or black.  15-20mmHg compression



412C performance sock black

SIGVARIS Performance Socks

Part Number:  412C                                Price:  $69.95

SIGVARIS Performance Socks are taking athletes to a whole new level.  In additional to all the benefits of true graduated compression, Performance Socks feature Achilles tendon protectors, a footbed cushioned zone to keep feet blister-free, an extra-wide comfort band that stays in place and thermal/odor control that keeps these socks incredibly dry.  Available in White or Black.  20-30mmHg compression.





SIGVARIS Performance Sleeve

Part Number:  412V                        Price $44.95

SIGVARIS Performance Sleeves provide compression that may be worn with or without your favorite ankle socks.  The special construction makes this sleeve perfrect for land or water wear and has been used by athletes and triathletes worldwide.  Available in White, Orange, Lime, Pink, Purple, Black and Blue.  20-30mmHg.





CEP Compression Short Socks

Price:  $25

  • Perfect fit prevents blisters
  • Ankle and foot stabilizaton
  • Unmatched wearing comfort in shoes
  • Promotes circulation in the foot and prevents congestion
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Available in Black/Grey, Blue/Black, Red/Black, and White/Black




CEP Progressive Run 2.0 Socks

Price:  $60

  • More energy, greater endurance and enhanced performance thanks to improved blood circulation
  • Activates the flow of blood in the muscles
  • Muscle and joint stabilization for reduced risk of injury
  • Increased coordination by activating the muscles for a sense of stability and security when running
  • Available in Black/Grey, Blue/Black, White/Black, Red/Black, Flash Green, Flash Orange, and Pink




CEP Calf Sleeves

  • Price: $40
  • More energy, stamina and performance
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Prventive function
  • Muscle and joint stabilzation
  • Improved coordination
  • Alleviate shin splints
  • Reduce muscle trauma
  • Sold per pair
  • Available in White, Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Flash Green and Flash Orange



CEP Arm Coolers

Price:  $30

  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Hyper dry wicking fabric
  • Cool-cell moisture activated skin cooling technology
  • Comfortable elastic bicep cuff
  • Includes two arm coolers
  • Available in white




2013 Biofreeze Patient Products


Price:  $15.95 / $16.95  or 2/$30

BioFreeze provides penetrating, long lasting relief from sore muscles and joints that all athletes experience from time to time.  Convenient packaging for on the go use, 4 oz tube, 4 oz hands-free tube, 3 oz roll-on and 4 oz spray.





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